The Petrodvorets Watch factory is proud to present his new collection “POBEDA” Classic. After 70 years of production, POBEDA is reissuing the most famous russian watch.

“POBEDA-Classic” also known as “Red 12” is the reedition of the famous 1940’s model with a “red 12” on the dial, characteristic established by the General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin.

The classical style of this POBEDA is wearable with a suit and black tie for a cocktail at the Kremlin as well as with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt sailing on the Riviera.

The watch brand “Pobeda” was created by order of the Kremlin in April 1945 to celebrate heroism and freedom of the Russian nation.

The first “Pobeda” wristwatches were extremely popular and successful. Until the 60s, “Pobeda” was the most produced watch model in the world. Politicians, military figures and artists wore “Pobeda” watches.

The brand “Pobeda” is of a great importance for Petrodvorets Watch Factory and its workers. At the time of the Second World War, the factory was in the center of major historical events. Despite the blockade its workers never stopped producing instruments for planes and military equipment.

You can purchase your "POBEDA" in PODIUM market in TG "Modniy Sezon" and in TC Europark.

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