Raketa Watch Factory in collaboration with Ilyushin Aviation Complex were determined to produce pilot’s collection based on “Pobeda”(Victory in English) model. Ilyushin Aviation Complex is one of the leading aviation companies in Russia. These aviation watches could be suitable both for the male and the female public.

The novelty is designed in the brand style of "Pobeda" watches with aviation motifs on the dial. On a light background there are blue hands, marks, a logo and an image of the legendary Il-2 The choice is not random: Ilyushin Il-2 was the most produced military aircraft design in aviation history, as well as one of the most produced piloted aircraft in history.

Since 1945 the tradition of awarding “Pobeda” watches has become widespread. Many “Pobeda” watches were awarded for outstanding services to military men workers of the USSR. Today a new Pobeda "Ilyushin" collection can be bought at the official “Raketa” shops or at in the official online-shop.

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