Watch Factory "Raketa", Russia’s oldest factory, presents a limited edition watches, dedicated to all sports fans. In the design development based on the watch "Pobeda" with a chronograph took part Ru
The 73td Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War will be soon. We really have a lot to be proud of and there is someone we need to thank.The oldest manufacture in Russia, Petrodvorets Watch
"Pobeda" watches are strengthened by the historic ties on the wrists of Russian officers since 1945. Petrodvorets Watch Factory has launched the production of the quartz chronograph "Pobeda" , the des
Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa” is opening it’s 4th exclusive boutique. This time in Ekaterinburg’s historical center: Vainera street, 16A After a successful opening on Moscow’s emblematic Tvreska
Raketa Watch Factory in collaboration with Ilyushin Aviation Complex were determined to produce pilot’s collection based on “Pobeda”(Victory in English) model. Ilyushin Aviation Complex is one of the
Avant Models
The Petrodvorets Watch Factory thanks Avant Models agency for shooting with brand “Pobeda”. Recently there was a photo shoot with a use of new product lines: tops and dresses of “Khokhloma” and “Polos
Poster Pobeda Towels&Bathrobes
 Petrodvorets Factory launched bathrobes for tractorists and towels for pioneers under its historical brand “Pobeda” “Tractorist is the most prestige profession in collective farm. It is so cool as be
Часы Победа "Весна"
"Pobeda-Spring" in Vogue Russia! "Spring" is the new collection of russian watches "Pobeda", specially for women. Read more in PDF Where to buy "Pobeda" watches
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New collection "Pobeda-Spring" in "Glamour Russia"! Where to buy "Pobeda" watches
Петродворцовый Часовой Завод на РЕН ТВ
The Petrodvorets Watch Factory resumed production of the legendary "Pobeda" watches. Russian REN TV channel reportage.
The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is proud that in 1961, the first wristwatch in space were the watches «Pobeda». The  factory also takes pride in its historical brand «Raketa» (fisrt launched in 1961) w
Купить часы мужские часы в позолоте Победа-Петергоф
David Henderson - Stewart is one of the key persons in the Petrodvorets Watch Factory restructuring process. As the Chairman of the Factory Board of Directors he brought to Peterhof experts from Switz
Часы Победа Часы сделанные в России Победа-весна Авант Avant models modelling Где купить российские часы Российские наручные часы женские
Viktoria Holod is a russian model, who is just starting her modelling career with "Avant-models" (the best model agency in Russia). She worked in Tokio and Taipei. Viktoria is the face of the new "Pob
Часы Победа, часы мужские, женские часы, россия часы, русские часы, кварцевые часы, часы российские, часы ссср, Наручные часы
Pobeda watches are produced by the Petrodvorets Watch Factory. The first models were released In 1945. The Russian watches Pobeda(Victory) symbolized heroism of russian people. In 1960s the main focus
Российские часы
«Pobeda» is expanding its horizons and now is presented in Nizhniy Novgorod, in one of the local shops called «Imperiya Chasov» on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya street, 61. Nizhniy Novgorod is an important eco
Российские часы
Petrodvorets Watch Factory presents absolutely new collection of watches — Pobeda «Mir»! New «Pobeda» collection revives the models of 40-50s to commemorate all the heroes of our country, who were wea
The Petrodvorets Factory is proud to present the limited edition of watches «POBEDA» for Russia’s most successful football club «Zenit». This limited edition will be available from September 2015. The
The Man from UNCLE
Hollywood film director Guy Ritchie chose watch «Pobeda» for Armie Hammer, who plays the main role of an agent of the KGB in the 1960s. Indeed, all the secret agents in Russia were wearing either watc
Классическая коллекция российских  часов Победа в новом, стальном ремешке!
The Petrodvorets Watch factory is proud to present his new collection “POBEDA” Classic. After 70 years of production, POBEDA is reissuing the most famous russian watch.“POBEDA-Classic” also known as “
Российские часы Победа Крым в честь 70-летия Победы над фашизмом!
Shops where you can find new “Pobeda” watches: Official online shop www.raketa-shop.com MoscowImperiya Chasov - Sadovaya - Spasskaya st., 12/23, 2de bon ton - st. Yartsevskaya 19 St.PetersburgSTATUS -